New Product: cFos Personal Net - Web server for the personal cloud

cFos Personal Net is a Web server for Windows for easy hosting of files or multimedia content on your PC. Your data can then be easily accessed from within the LAN or from the Internet.

Major features:

Easy installation and instant web hosting of your data within a few minutes.

Build your personal cloud and manage shared data with your PC and smartphones or tablet. All you need is a web browser on your clients.

Seamless Javascript integration. Use one language for server and browser.

Functionality of a professional web server, including SSL, HTTP authentication, extremely low response times and good multi-core scalability.

After installation of cFos Personal Net you can access the public folder from a browser (e.g. type 'localhost' on the machine you installed cFos Personal Net on). All administrative functions are done via web browser. For example you can create a new user and allow this user to upload/download files. In addition, cFos Personal Net extends the Windows Explorer context menu, so you can publish files with a single click. These files can then be accessed with all devices running a web browser, like smartphones or tablets. By configuring your router and obtaining a dynamic IP address you can access these files even from remote Internet locations.

Sample uses:

Publish your photos, movies or music for your friends.

Share often needed documents between devices in your WLAN.

Create server scripts for user feedback or online shops.

Our cFos Speed Test page at is hosted with cFos Personal Net and runs extremely reliable.