New Product: cFos Personal Net - Web server for the personal cloud

Release date for version 1.0 is now confirmed: August 7th, 2012.

cFos Personal Net is a Web server for Windows for easy hosting of files or multimedia content on your PC. Your data can then be easily accessed from within the LAN or from the Internet.

Major features:

Easy installation and instant web hosting of your data within a few minutes.

Build your personal cloud and manage shared data with your PC and smartphone or tablet. All you need is a web browser on your clients.

Seamless Javascript integration. Use one language for server and browser.

Functionality of a professional web server, including SSL, HTTP authentication, extremely low response times and good multi-core scalability.

Here is a video how to publish files with cFos Personal Net with only one click:

The current release candidate v0.92 can be downloaded at .

Special prices until release day at August 7th:

cFos Personal Net, Life-Time License (all future updates free) for 9,90 Euro. Afterwards 19,90 Euro.

cFosSpeed + cFos Personal Net, Life-Time License for 19,90 Euro, afterwards 29,90 Euro.

cFosSpeed and cFos Personal Net are an ideal combination, since cFosSpeed as a Traffic Shaping and prioritization tool keeps the Internet connection responsive and fast, even if cFos Personal Net temporarily needs the whole bandwidth.