cFos WMI Monitor - Free add-on for cFos Personal Net

View vital WMI data on your PC or smartphone.

The cFos WMI Monitor is a free add-on for cFos Personal Net to display nearly all WMI values about your system, e.g. CPU load, GPU load, network usage, ping time, etc. Access these WMI values from anywhere.

The cFos WMI Monitor helps gamers, power users, musicians, etc. to monitor the performance of different components in the system perform while running their (full-screen) applications. The cFos WMI Monitor makes this information available in a browser window on your PC or smartphone.

It allows to display the following WMI values:

Presets: Frequently needed values, like CPU load, CPU frequency, network performance, ping time, etc.

Process Monitoring: CPU load of all running processes

Arbitrary WMI values on your PC or other machines in the Windows network

The cFos WMI Monitor is free for all cFos Personal Net users. If you have a cFos Personal Net version prior to V1.3 installed, it will automatically be updated.

cFos Personal Net is a Web server for Windows for easy hosting of files or multimedia content on your PC. Your data can then be easily accessed from within the LAN or from the Internet.

See a video of the cFos WMI Monitor in action.