New Product: cFos Personal Net v3.0 - Web server for the personal cloud

Version 3.0 now with UPnP AV media server
cFos Personal Net is a Web server for Windows for easy hosting of files or multimedia content on your PC. Your data can then be easily accessed from within the LAN and from the Internet.

Important new features of this version:

UPnP AV media server
You can now share audio, video and pictures with other UPnP devices in your household, like tablets, TV sets, etc.

Re-organized dialogs to make home web hosting extremely easy. For example you can manage several users with cFos Personal Net and publish files for them with a click from the Windows Explorer context menu.

On the professional side, we added PHP and Perl scripting support, so you can run packages for professional web hosting with cFos Personal Net. Since we moved our own web site,, to cFos Personal Net we also took the opportunity to tweak the performance for heavy-use scenarios.

Added support for the old HTTP 1.0 protocol (e.g. for wget) and also a ton of bugs fixes and minor improvements.

cFos Personal Net is not only a powerful web server, but also allows hosting your Personal Cloud with built-in WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV.