cFos Personal Net v4.0 - Web server for the personal cloud
Version 4.0 now as portable version

cFos Personal Net is a Web server for Windows for easy hosting of files or multimedia content on your PC. Your data can then be easily accessed from within the LAN and from the Internet.

Important new feature of this version:

cFos Personal Net can now be used in portable mode. This allows extremely simple hosting of files without software installation. Simply double-click on


and publish files with the Windows Explorer. These are available for download as long as cFos Personal Net runs. Links to the files are written to the clipboard so they can easily be shared with your partner via messenger or mail.

You can also copy an upload link to the clipboard, because cFos Personal Net allows uploading of files.

One possible use-case is to run cFos Personal Net from a memory stick, which you can take with you wherever you go.

This allows simplest hosting of files without the need to use 3rd party services or to make 3rd parties your files available.

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