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Important note on cFos Traffic Shaping

cFos Traffic Shaping is now in calibration and learning phase. This is necessary to determine exact connection speed and performance so as to ensure optimal download and upload rates will be attained while the ping remains low.

Depending on how much you use your connection, this phase can last for a few days. However, you can speed up this process by sending yourself a big file by e-mail, thereby effectively running an upload for several minutes at full bandwidth. Several PCs are best calibrated without interference.

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Calibrate Traffic Shaping with the cFos Speed Test

How to squeeze the maximum out of your connection
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Watch the video "How to calibrate your Internet connection"

Hide status window

Deactivating the cFosSpeed status window

You can deactivate the cFosSpeed status window by right-clicking on it, selecting Window Settings and then deactivating "Auto-show/Auto-hide".

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