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Charge electric cars with all the available power

The cFos Charging Agent can be used in 3 ways:

1Fixed connection power is distributed over several EVSEs. You don't need another intermediate counter.

2Existing house connection power minus consumers, plus producers (e.g. solar PV system) results in the charging power for the EVSEs.

3An intermediate meter at the house connection monitors the grid connection. The charging power of the EVSEs is regulated so that the maximum output is not exceeded. There are no other intermediate meters necessary.

Load Manager priorities

  • Prio 2 The charging power is first distributed to these wallbox(es), even if there is no power left for other wallboxes (e.g. for emergency vehicles).
  • Prio 1 The charging power is distributed to these wallboxes up to an adjustable minimum power for wallboxes with Prio 0. If Prio 0 wallboxes do not have the minimum power available, Prio 1 wallboxes are treated like Prio 0 wallboxes.
  • Prio 0 The charging power is distributed evenly to these wallboxes. If the charge power falls below 6A, individual wallboxes are connected in turn.
  • Prio -1 These wallboxes receive the charging power only after all higher-priority wallboxes have received the desired power.

The cFos Charging Agent runs on a Windows PC or a Raspberry PI 3 or 4 and can be used to communicate the following EVSEs:

  • EVSEs with OCPP 1.6 (SOAP, JSON)
    Tested for compatibility at the OCPP 2020 July plugfest. If you want to make sure your OCPP device works with the cFos Charging Agent, please contact us for a free remote test.
    Devices which need further testing: juice Charger
  • go-eCharger HOME+
  • Keba KeContact P30 c-series and x-series via Keba UDP
  • SMARTFOX Car Charger
  • EVSEs built using the EVracing modbus controller, e.g. certain models of Stark-in-Strom
  • EVSEs that are built using the SmartEVSE controller from Stegen Electronics

Counters with the following function can be integrated into the load management:

  1. Consumption meter: The values of these meters are deducted from the existing service charge. The remaining power is available for charging electric cars.
  2. Generation meter: The values of these meters are added to the existing house connection power, so that you can also use power from solar systems to charge electric cars.
  3. Total consumption at the house connection: With this function you can monitor the power consumption at the house connection without having to install additional meters for consumers or generators.
  4. External charge meters on the wallboxes: This allows you to operate your own meters on a wallbox, if the wallbox does not have meters, for example. The charge agent considers these meters as if they were installed in the wallbox and can determine the actual charge power, the number of phases and (for billing purposes) the kWh consumed by the wallbox.
  5. Display counters: Counters that are not included in the calculation but are used for display purposes.

The cFos Charging Agent currently supports the B23 112-100 and B24 112-100 meters from ABB.
The ABB intermediate meters have 2 potential-free inputs, which can be used to evaluate load control signals from your local utility.

Example configurations

  • Private home with ABB B23 meter after the utility meter and Stark-in-Strom EVSE
  • Parking garage with 20 EVSEs from different manufacturers

We are currently adapting the cFos Charging Agent to current customer needs. Please contact us if you are planning a specific project. Who provides us with hardware (EVSEs and meters) so that we can support them, too, in the cFos Charging Agent gets a free lifetime license (including all future updates).

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with permanent Internet connection

cFos Charging Agent prices

  • Non-commercial license for up to 2 EVSEs (private use only): 29,- EURO
  • Commercial license per EVSE / charging plug: 59,- Euro + VAT

Manufacturer's declaration

Download manufacturer's declaration as PDF

Download EU Declaration of Conformity for cFos Power Brain as PDF