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(January 29th, 2013)

New version: cFosSpeed v9.0 now with smarter prioritization!

Top features of this version:

cFosSpeed now comes with a smarter connection analysis to detect light and heavy traffic, regardless of the detected L7 protocol.
This has several benefits:

Many L7 protocols can be either light or heavy traffic, for example SSL or SSH. If it is only light traffic, the user typically has an interactive application (e.g. website login, etc.), while heavy traffic is typically used for uploads/downloads. cFosSpeed can now automatically prioritize light and heavy traffic regardless of the L7 protocol. You can also configure the priority for the detected L7 protocol (SSL, SSH, others and unknown protocols), depending on bulk (heavy) or light traffic.

cFosSpeed's automatic detection of light traffic is especially useful for online games, which typically use unknown proprietary protocols. So game traffic can be automatically prioritized (to high).

HTTP connections are now dynamically analyzed. cFosSpeed can detect when a HTTP connection is re-used and will then reprioritize it. For example a HTTP connection to a web page might first be used as interactive HTTP traffic (high priority) and later re-used for a long download (low priority).

Revamped the dialogs in Windows 8 style. They are now easier to use and faster.

Tons of bugfixes
Complete list at whats-new.htm.

Supported operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008 (x86 and x64 editions)

You can find artwork, screenshots and boxshots which may be used for free by journalists at www.cfos.de/en/presse/samples.htm .
In addition our licensing terms allow the use the 30-day trial versions of our software in magazine's covermounts or the distribution on digital media, like CDs, DVDs, etc.

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