cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products

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Traffic Shaping 기술은 짧은 핑시간과 안정된 빠른 전송속도를 동시에 유지합니다.

HTTP detection integrated in cFos and cFosSpeed serves to accelerate page loading times, especially during simultaneous uploads. A comparison of loading times for and is available at Acceleration gains are higher the more individual elements need to be loaded on a given Web page.

선호 핑:

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If you are surfing a lot of pages (without major downloads), you may want to use the settings in the context menu or status window to activate "Favor Ping". A green arrow will then show up on the status window. This setting will have cFos or cFosSpeed do everything to keep ping times to a minimum but at the expense of transfer speed, which may slow down considerably. However, depending on what application you are running, this may speed up loading Web pages even further.

Other Interactive Applications:

Both cFos and cFosSpeed come with integrated detection for major interactive applications like SSL, SSH, Telnet, IRC, and many others. This ensures low response times even during long uploads and downloads.

Should the standard priority scheme under Protocol Settings not be sufficient for your purposes, you can always prioritize any application either by name under "Program Settings" or add its port manually to the filter rules. This is especially advisable when running a server.

If the ports are known, you can prioritize their data transfer as follows (by editing the [filter] section of the settings.ini file):

For TCP ports:
; dest port=1234
filter=-tcp-dport 1234 -c high
; source port=5678
filter=-tcp-sport 5678 -c high

For UDP ports:
; dest port=1234
filter=-udp-dport 1234 -c high
; source port=5678
filter=-udp-sport 5678 -c high

설정변경과 저장 뒤에는 새로운 설정은 다시 로딩되어야합니다. 이는 콘솔을 열고 (시작, 프로그램, cFosSpeed) "spd reload"를 입력합니다. 새로운 설정은 새로이 시스템을 시작하여야 효력을 발생합니다.

cFosSpeed-필터 매뉴얼 (영어)

Surfing and Filesharing (P2P):

By default, filesharing programs are set to very low priority. Now, this should not be taken to mean they are artificially slowed or even altogether stalled. What it does mean, however, is that such data will be briefly delayed when more important data is being transmitted. Only this priority scheme makes it possible to have filesharing programs run at maximum transfer rates while still using the same connection for other applications (like surfing the Web) at the same time.

DSL 연결 설정

연결설정 최적화:

연결설정에서는 전달매체를 정확하게 지정할 수 있습니다. cFos 나 cFosSpeed에 연결에 관한 보다 많은 정보가 가능할 수록, 보다나은 핑시간을 얻을 수 있습니다. 디폴트 값은 "Adaptive"입니다. 예를 들어, 만약 DSL연결을 사용하고 있다면, 적절한 DSL기준이나 프로토콜을 당신의 매체로 선택해야 합니다.