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作為某些 ASUS 主機板的客戶,您可以使用 ASUS ROG GameFirst I & II / Turbo LAN。這是完整功能,無限制的 cFosSpeed 流量塑型解決方案。我們希望您可以享受 ASUS ROG GameFirst I & II / Turbo LAN 所帶來的加速快感。

您可以使用最新、更專業的 cFosSpeed 來做更多微調。

To stay always up to date with the most recent features, you can download the most recent cFosSpeed version on our cFosSpeed download page .

這是 其他功能清單

For ASUS ROG GameFirst I&II / Turbo LAN you can also download the most recent prioritization data as settings.ini and copy it to c:\programdata\cfos\cfosspeed .

把握時機 現在就購買 cFosSpeed 終身授權。

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How Effective is cFosSpeed Traffic Shaping?
Christoph Lüders & Christian Carazo, cFos Software GmbH - October 26, 2018
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