cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
New! By the makers of cFosSpeed: The cFos EVSE

Additional features of cFosSpeed

  • Multi-User version, supports several PC on one router to use the internet connection in a cooperative way.
  • Improved detection and traffic classification with Layer-7 Protocol prioritization, HTTP, SSL, SSH bulk detection, RX prioritization. Improved Voice over IP (VoIP) support.
  • New Pinger for a more reliable detection of line congestion and bandwidth.
  • Real-Time Traffic Analysis in status window.
  • Fine-Tuning options: Connection Medium selection, RX & TX speed limits, DSCP / VLAN tagging / filtering.
  • Additional functionality: Auto-hide on fullscreen (Game Mode), Firewall, volume & online time counters, IP filter-lists / block-lists.
You can download cFosSpeed here.