New product: cFos Outlook DAV, v1.0 released

cFos Outlook DAV is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to synchronize Outlook Appointments with a CalDAV server.

The banter between Microsoft and Google about the synchronization of calendar appointments (ActiveSync) has given us the idea to develop our own solution for Windows desktop. It uses CalDAV as the open standard for calendar synchronisation.

cFos Outlook DAV is now available in the v1.0 pre-release, which can be used for free until the end of this year. From Jan 1st, 2014 users will be able to buy it for 9,90 Euro.

cFos Outlook DAV was tested successfully with the google calendar, DAViCal and cFos Personal Net, our own CalDAV webserver (*).

More Information and Download on our product page: .

Further development of cFos Outlook DAV is driven by users feedback. Users can make suggestions in our forum at .

From June 18th, 2013 until July 08th, 2013 there is also a sale with a discount of 30% for all our products, in addition the bundle of cFosSpeed and cFos Personal Net is available for 19,90 Euro.

(*) cFos Personal Net is not only a powerful webserver, but can also host your data in your Personal Cloud via WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV. Therefore it is optimally suited for cFos Outlook DAV.