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cFos Personal Net box

cFos Personal Net

Host your files and synchronize your data
Version 5.02

cFos Personal Net -
  • Instant web hosting on your PC
  • Synchronize files, calendars and addresses of your smartphones and tablets - and with MS Outlook: OutlookDAV (beta)
  • Easy server setup within a few minutes

Install the free cFos Personal Net Key

To import the license key file, you need an already installed version of cfos Personal Net.

cFos Personal Net
cFos Personal Net Key

To license cfos Personal Net, you must double-click the downloaded license key file. A window will then appear with the text "cfos Personal Net Registration". You will later be asked for a password for your license key file. This password is:


After completing the dialog, your installation cfos Personal Net is registered.

  • Portable Mode - Allows you to host files without installing software or using 3rd party services
  • Build your own personal cloud
  • Seamless JavaScript integration
  • Extremely short response time
  • WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV support
  • UPnP Media Server
  • Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista/7

cFos Personal Net Portable
Allows you to host files without installing software or using 3rd party services

Host a file with just 2 steps

Download and installation illustration

1 Download cFos Personal Net Portable (cfospnet_portable.exe) and start it.

Dialog screen shot

2 In Windows Explorer right-click on the file you want to make available for download and select "Publish with cFos Personal Net (portable)".

Additional info for cFos Personal Net Portable

Your download link is copied to the clipboard so you can paste it into an email or message.

You may need to allow NAT port-forwarding in your router. You can also allow people to upload files. Right-Click on the cFos Personal Net taskbar icon, select "publish" then "Upload link to clipboard"

Users of cFos Personal Net will find cfospnet_portable.exe in the installation directory, so you can use it in full server mode or portable mode. Most of the functionality of cFos Personal Net is also available in portable mode.

How to activate your license key: cFos Personal Net Portable creates a pub\admin directory in the location it was started from. Simply move your license key to this pub\admin directory. If your license key requires a password authorization, please contact us for a new key without password requirement.

cFos WMI Monitor, a cFos Personal Net add-on package

The cFos WMI Monitor is a free add-on for cFos Personal Net to display nearly all WMI values about your system, e.g. CPU load, GPU load, network usage, ping time, etc. Access these WMI values from anywhere.

The cFos WMI Monitor helps gamers, power users, musicians, etc. to monitor the performance of different components in the system while running their (full-screen) applications. The cFos WMI Monitor makes this information available in a browser window on your PC or smartphone.

cFos Personal Net WMI

This video shows the cFos WMI Monitor during "gameplay", so you can see how your CPU, GPU and network connection performs.