цФосСпеед је званични Интернет акцелератор за АСУС, ГИГАБИТЕ, АСРоцк и МСИ играчке производе
Нова! Од произвођача цФосСпеед-а: цФос ЕВСЕ

Набавите бесплатну лиценцу (цФосСпеед) да бисте нам помогли са 10 или више рецензија.
Неки текстови су генерисани машинским превођењем. Помозите нам да побољшамо ове текстове. Кликните на дугме да бисте покренули режим ревизије.

Референца за карактеристике

  • Full CGI support with user impersonation
  • Apache compatible .htaccess files
  • HTTP authorization, Basic, Digest - seamless integration with Javascript
  • File, calendar and address book synchronisation with WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV
  • User folders
  • Apache-like user groups
  • Powerfull HTTP rewrite engine
  • HTTP redirects
  • HTTP cache support with ETags, Last-Modified
  • HTTP ranges: one range per request
  • Allows resume of paused HTTP requests

  • Per folder user impersonation; allows different users with different access rights on the same PC
  • Server side includes (SSI, shtml)
  • File / folder blocklist
  • Additional environment variables for use with Javascript / CGI
  • Comprehensive filename security, also available in Javascript
  • Apache compatible logging, so you can use 3rd party log evaluation tools
  • Concurrent processing of HTTP requests and scripts
  • User configurable error documents
  • Support for If-Match, If-None-Match, If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since headers
  • Limits for CPU prio, number of connections, message size, etc. to limit effect of DOS attacks

  • Chunked data transfer
  • Configurable restrictions for PUT, DELETE
  • Automatic (e.g. nightly) renaming of log files, for automatic post-processing without the need to stop the server.
  • Nightly running of additional scripts
  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • SSL
  • COM objects available from Javascript
  • Built-in image stretching support
  • Built-in mail address verification
  • All .htaccess directives readable from script

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