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What's new?                                           cFos Notifier


  * New feature
  + Improvement
  ! Software change requires modification of your configuration
  x Bugfix
  - Information only

Revision history: ---------------------------------------------------------

cFos Notifier 2.52 -- 04-Aug-2014

+ The first part of text is now displayed in the mail view.

x Fixed a bug when RSS feed entries have no publication date.

cFos Notifier 2.50 -- 11-Jul-2014

* Added Mail and RSS feed support. You can now let the cFos Notifier inform
  you about new mails via POP3/IMAP and also subscribe to RSS Feeds.

* Notifications (sound, balloon, icon) are now configurable for each news

+ Sub-menus with new items are now in bold.

cFos Notifier 2.02 -- 05-Jun-2014

+ Tweaked the behaviour when clicking on the tray icon. If you
  right-click, only the context menu opens. On left-click, the Twitter
  App will be started if new tweets were indicated, otherwise the context
  menu will open.

x Fixed a problem with list selection.

x Sometimes the wrong number of new messages would be indicated
  in the balloon. Fixed.

cFos Notifier 2.01 build 2001

x Fixed a bug which could sometimes remove available lists
  in the configuration data.

cFos Notifier 2.00 build 2000 -- 28-May-2014

* Completely re-worked the cFos Notifier. New features are:

  - Support for Twitter API 1.1 and HTTPS
  - Tweets now include profile pictures
  - Added image view
  - You can now add more than one user
  - You can now monitor lists in addition to your home timeline
  - You can now temporary turn off notifications
  - You can now configure the notification sound
  - You can now add and remove users
  - You can now configure what to start when "Start Twitter" is clicked.

cFos Notifier 1.16 build 1008 -- 22-Jun-2013

x Twitterizer now enforces SSL connections to twitter API.

cFos Notifier 1.15 build 1007 -- 22-Jun-2013

x Converted to new Twitterizer for the Rest v1.1 API.

cFos Notifier 1.14 build 1006 -- 23-Feb-2012

x Fixed a bug where a period immediately following a link was not handled

cFos Notifier 1.12 build 1004

x Fixed a bug which cause the Tweets stored in cFosTwitterNotifyData.xml
  to be corrupted. In case of doubt, please delete the file in the folder

cFos Notifier 1.10 build 1002

* cFos Notifier has now a context menu to easy access Tweets and
  basic functions. Also the taskbar icon is now always displayed and changes
  its color if new Tweet(s) available.

* cFos Notifier now supports lists. If you have (in your Twitter account)
  configured lists of people you want to follow, cFos Notifier displays them
  in the context menu, so you can filter to check only for Tweets on these lists.

+ On authentication failure cFos Notifier cleared the authentication tokens.
  Now cFos Notifier does it only after 5 consecutive errors.

! Changed the structure of the XML files. In the \users\\documents folder
  there is now cFosTwitterNotifyData.xml which stores the current tweets and
  cFosTwitterNotifySettings.xml which stores the current settings. You can delete
  the old twitter_data.xml.

cFos Notifier 1.00 -- 05-Jan-2012

- Initial release.