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What's new?                                                cFos Outlook DAV


  * New feature
  + Improvement
  ! Software change requires modification of your configuration
  x Bugfix
  - Information only

Revision history: ---------------------------------------------------------

cFos Outlook DAV v1.95 Build 2195 Release -- 03-Apr-2019

- Extended the free trial to June 30th, 2019

cFos Outlook DAV v1.95 Release -- 21-Dec-2018

- Extended the free trial to February 28th, 2019

cFos Outlook DAV v1.94 Release -- 21-Sep-2018

- Extended the free trial to December 31th, 2018

cFos Outlook DAV v1.92 Release -- 04-Jun-2018

- Extended the free trial to September 30th, 2018

cFos Outlook DAV v1.91 Release -- 15-Mar-2018

- Extended the free trial to June 30th, 2018

- Added a reminder message box, that you may buy
  cFos Outlook DAV to make the limited trial
  version to an unlimited version.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.90 Release -- 10-Jan-2018

- Extended the free trial to April 30th, 2018

cFos Outlook DAV v1.88 Release -- 07-Sep-2017

- Extended the free trial to December 31th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.86 Release -- 06-Jul-2017

- Extended the free trial to September 30th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.84 Release -- 11-May-2017

- Extended the free trial to August 31th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.83 Release -- 07-Feb-2017

x In some cases the encoding contact picture was corrupted. Fixed,
  thanks to Dr. Ralf B for the report.

- Extended the free trial to May 31th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.82 Release -- 13-Jan-2017

- Extended the free trial to April 30th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.81 Release -- 12-Oct-2016

x Fixed a bug with importing phone numbers for contacts.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.80 Release -- 06-Oct-2016

+ Speeded start-up.

x Under certain conditions contact phone number digits were truncated.
  Fixed, thanks to Richard Schmidmaier.

- Extended the free trial to January 31th, 2017

cFos Outlook DAV v1.75 Release -- 23-Sep-2016

x Fixed a bug which prevented the timed sync to run. Thanks to R.S.

- Extended the free trial to December 31th, 2016

cFos Outlook DAV v1.70 Release -- 02-Sep-2016

+ cFos Outlook DAV now converts the BDAY field in contacts so it has
  '-' between year / month and month / day.

+ cFos Outlook DAV can now read contact images from external serves.

+ Tried to improve import/export of phone numbers for contacts.

+ Added a workaround for Synology, because the CardDAV server doesn't
  like the LANGUAGE parameter for the name.

x Fixed handling of start and due dates for tasks on import and export.

- Extended the free trial to November 30th, 2016

cFos Outlook DAV v1.66 Release -- 09-Aug-2016

x Fixed a bug where sometimes deleted items would not be handled
  correctly. Thanks to Peter Hofstede.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.65 Release -- 29-Jul-2016

+ Added workaround for gmx/ addressbook server to actually
  download contacts.

+ Improved handling if a server is not reachable.

- Extended the free trial to October 31th, 2016

cFos Outlook DAV v1.64 Release -- 15-Jul-2016

+ The google contact addressbook is now automatically detected.

x Fixed a bug which caused the wrong Content-Type header to be used.

x Fixed a problem with OAuth access rights for google contacts.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.63 Release -- 13-Jul-2016

x Fixed UTF-8 coding problem with certain HTTP responses.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.62 Release -- 11-Jul-2016

x Fixed strange HTTP content-Type problems.

x Added more OAuth domains to sync google contacts.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.61 Release -- 27-Jun-2016

x Fixed a bug where restarting cFos Outlook DAV could cause duplication
  of items.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.60 Release -- 22-Jun-2016

* Added OAuth support for google. You can now use cFos Outlook DAV
  with maximum security settings for your google account.

+ Reorganized data keeping in order to speed up processing with
  lots of items in a folder.

+ The Sync button and a progress bar (if it takes long) now indicate
  sync operations in progress.

- Extended the free trial to September 30th, 2016

cFos Outlook DAV v1.50 Release -- 09-Mar-2016

+ Wordaround for HTTP PUT for Twisted framework / Synology.

+ Very long filenames are now tried to be shortened or used with the \\?\

- Extended the free trial to June 30th, 2016.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.43 Release -- 29-Jan-2016

+ Automatic sync is now only done when the interval time is elapsed, not
  on add, modify or delete.

x When sync was disabled, the dialog would default to a sync interval
  of 5 minutes. Fixed.

- cFos Outlook DAV will now only touch the proxy info of a request if
  a proxy is actually in use by the default system settings (IE settings).

cFos Outlook DAV v1.42 Release -- 18-Nov-2015

x When using copy/paste items could be accidentially deleted. Fixed.

x Tried to fix the problem that Outlook inserted "kopieren:" into the
  subject of appointments with an organiser or attendees.

x Tamed the UI update timer, so in many cases importing many items
  should be faster now.

- The free trial is now extended to 31-March-2016.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.41 Release -- 30-Oct-2015

+ If a timezone definition is missing in the VCALENDAR entry, but a
  timezone is specified with the DTSTART or DTEND fields. cFos Outlook DAV
  now tries to convert this specification into a timezone name which is
  recognized by Outlook. This should fix timezone problems with web
  interfaces of owncloud and other services.

x Fixed invalid relative URL, which caused problems with

x Fixed typo with 2 minutes sync interval

x Sync operation could be started on local changes even if sync was disabled
  or set to manual. Fixed.

- cFos Outlook DAV now uses .NET framework 4.6, which will be
  downloaded and installed if not present on your system.

- cFos Outlook DAV now requires Windows 7 or higher.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.40 Release -- 17-Aug-2015

x Fixed a crash, which occurred when an item was not on the server.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.39 Release -- 14-Aug-2015

+ Added experimental one way sync. If you prefix the CalDAV / CardDAV URL
  with a < character, the server always has priority. This has the effect,
  that items added changed locally are overwritten by the server. Also
  newly added items are not uploaded to the server and locally deleted
  items are restored on next sync by the item on the server.

x Fixed a bug where the ORGANIZER field could be set to an illegal value.
  Thanks to Sven for providing a nice example.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.38 Beta -- 06-Aug-2015

+ Items from server are now retrieved with HTTP GET, instead of
  HTTP REPORT. This should help addressbook sync with Synology.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.37 Release -- 20-Jul-2015

+ Due to problems with the ORGANIZER field in events, cFos Outlook DAV
  now only inserts an ORGANIZER if used with If an
  ORGANIZER field exists, it checks the email address in it and if it
  is not a valid email address (e.g. a MS Exchange link), it will be
  replaced by the email address you setup with your Outlook account.

+ Added a feature to dump certain items to the trace.txt file. If the
  Subject field of the calendar event or task item is $$cfos_dump$$ or
  the first name of the contact item is $$cfos_dump$$ then the item
  will be dumped to the trace.txt file, so you can see the actual contents
  synchronized with the server.

+ The "Sync Info" messagebox will now be closed automatically after
  1 minute, if not closed manually.

- Event / Todo subject or contact name will now written to trace.txt in
  case of a sync conflict.

x Fixed a bug with handling of * in URL. Thanks again to Luca Ferrario.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.36 Release -- 29-Jun-2015

+ cFos Outlook DAV uses your configured URL to try to detect the actual
  location of the calendar / address book. By prefixing your URL with a *
  you can suppress this behaviour. In this case cFos Outlook DAV then uses
  this URL exactly as specified. This should help with DAViCal bindings
  and in cases where you want to use a different calendar with gmx or Example URL: *

+ Config file for the folder is now only created if you click "save" in
  the folder_setup dialog.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.35 Release -- 22-Jun-2015

x Fixed folder_setup dialog again.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.34 Release -- 19-Jun-2015

+ DAViCal bindings are now ignored when determining the calendar /
  addressbook location. Thanks to Luca Ferrario.

x Fixed a bug where using the config dialog created a 0 byte
  key file, resulting in "No Signature" error on next startup.

x Workaround for Radicale calendar server.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.33 Release -- 15-Jun-2015

x Fixed incorrect COMPLETED value to task items. Thanks to
  C. Kaulich!

cFos Outlook DAV v1.32 Release -- 21-May-2015

+ Added support for gmx / CardDav server.

+ Workaround for broken Synology Location header.

x Fixed a problem with copy/paste operations.

- Tested  with SareNet CalDAV/CardDAV server.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.31 Release -- 06-May-2015

x Fixed a bug where the ORGANIZER field was incorrectly inserted. Thanks to

cFos Outlook DAV v1.30 Release -- 30-April-2015

+ ORGANIZER field is now checked for a valid email address.

+ METHOD field is now deleted before upload to the server.

+ Improved handling of redirected URLs. The location of the
  calender home set / address book home set is now also adjusted to
  the redirected URLs.

+ cFos Outlook DAV now tries to GET calendar / addressbook
  entries, if REPORT fails with errors >= 500.

+ Added support for gmx/ calendar servers.

- cFos Outlook DAV now tries to get the actual calendar home set /
  address book home set URL before the first request to the server.

x Fixed handling of URLs with escaped characters.

+ Avoiding a bug in Microsoft's VSTO installer that prevented
  Outlook DAV from installing successfully and instead showed an
  error message like "Could not load file or assembly [...]
  VSTOInstaller.exe.Config line 10)"

cFos Outlook DAV v1.26 Release -- 27-Nov-2014

x Fixed a bug where items could to sync'ed to the wrong folder, if
  folder names were identical.

- Checked if cFos Outlook DAV could work with folders which are associated
  with an MS Exchange account.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.25 Release -- 26-Nov-2014

x Fixed a bug which caused problems with contact synchronisation with
  especially google.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.24 Release -- 10-Nov-2014

+ cFos Outlook DAV now searches the complete folder tree to find
  folders configured for synchronisation.

x cFos Outlook DAV can now handle folders with duplicate folder names.

x Fixed a crash when an item from the server could not be downloaded.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.20 Release -- 26-Sep-2014

+ Added a MessageBox if importing items from server takes longer.

+ Timezone start/end dates of 1601 are now set to 1970 so certain
  calender servers understand them.

+ Outlook line continuation problems are now corrected for addresses which
  contain line breaks.

+ You can now set the folder to manual sync only. Then only pressing the
  sync button will sync this folder. If you disable sync for a folder
  even the sync button will not trigger a sync for this folder.

+ cFos Outlook Dav now supports the default folders for contacts,
  appointments and tasks.

+ Missing ORGANIZER items are now inserted for

x Fixed a bug where old items would be downloaded from the server
  although they were already in the local Outlook folder.

- Calendar URLs are now trimmed to prevent strange errors.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.15 Release -- 06-May-2014

+ Extended the free trial period until June 1, 2015.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.14 Pre-Release -- 08-Apr-2014

x Improved sync when the calendar server does not support ctag. Thanks to
  Alexander Becker.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.13 Pre-Release -- 27-Mar-2014

+ Added an option in the setup to ignore certificate errors. Allthough
  this is actually not recommended, it allows the use of cFos Outlook DAV
  with self-signed certificates.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.12 Pre-Release -- 13-Mar-2014

- The iCalender METHOD field is now removed when importing items, because
  it seems Outlook only supports METHOD:PUBLISH and throws exceptions on
  unknown METHODs.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.11 Pre-Release -- 19-Feb-2014

- Extended the free trial time. This version can be used until
  June 1, 2014.

+ When the sync operation requires deletion of events, tasks or
  contacts, these items will be backed up in current users
  cFos Outlook DAV folder in subfolder "backup". They will be finally
  deleted from this folder when older than 6 months.

x Fixed a bug, where tmp files would not be deleted. Thanks to
  Lukas Jenny for the report.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.10 Pre-Release -- 22-Nov-2013

+ The free test period is extended until February 28th, 2014.

+ Reworked Sync. Fixed several bugs. Worked around several
  bugs in google / owncloud servers.

+ cFos Outlook DAV now displays a message box if the HTTP request failed
  due to SSL/certificate problems or username/password problems.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.09 Pre-Release -- 18-Oct-2013

+ Improved handling of items whose URL is changed by the server.

+ Items which don't have an Etag value are not deleted anymore.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.08 Pre-Release -- 16-Sept-2013

x Fixed a bug which caused problems when importing events/tasks with
  recurrence rules. Thanks to G. Jaenschke for the sample.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.07 Pre-Release

x Fixed a bug where the installation directory was not read correctly
  from the registry under 64-bit Outlook.

x Fixed a bug where the wrong content-type was used with contacts. This
  caused some CardDAV servers to reject updates.

x Fixed a bug where HTTP If-Match/If-None-Match headers were not used

x In case of conflicts, the local version will be deleted and a dialog for
  the server version is opened, so you can check and update the item.
  While the dialog is open, no sync actions are taken for this item.
  This should also solve the problem of endless opening of new dialogs and
  duplication of items.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.06 Pre-Release -- 02-Sept-2013

* Added support for contacts. You can now synchronize Outlook contact
  folders with cFos Outlook DAV. Behaviour and setup are like appointment

+ Outlook tasks are now flags as "all day long" so they look nicer in
  google calendar view.

+ folder_setup.hta now accepts the folder name as parameter, so it is
  automatically selected when invoked from the folder context menu.

+ cFos Outlook DAV can not automatically find the calender-home-set and/or
  the addressbook-home-set. You can now specify the base URL for your
  CalDAV/CardDAV server, if it supports auto-detection. For cFos Personal
  Net you can simply specify the root URL, e.g. or
  Note: Due to problems with other CalDAV/CardDAV servers, this feature is
  now restricted to google CalDAV/CardDAV servers.

+ cFos Outlook DAV now displays a message box if it can't import an
  Outlook item.

- trace.txt, trace_old.txt and the folder setup dialog are now in the users
  appdata directory.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.04 Pre-Release -- 31-July-2013

* Added support for tasks. You can configure and synchronise an Outlook
  task folder in the same way as a calendar folder. This should work with
  normal CalDAV servers. You can store task items in the same CalDAV
  server location as event. But unfortunately this does not work with
  google calendar, because the google task format is unsuitable for Outlook
  tasks. For google, cFos Outlook DAV converts the tasks into events. This
  is the closest representation google calendar has for Outlook tasks. So
  users of google calendar must create another calendar on google
  which is used only for tasks. Then configure the task folder with this
  new google (task) calendar URL.

  Note: For tasks exceptions from recurring events are not supported.

x Fixed a bug where recurrent events were not handled correctly. Thanks
  to Maximilian Winkler for the help.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.02 Pre-Release -- 22-July-2013

+ You can now use arbitrary folder names for CalDAV sync. cFos Outlook
  DAV now adds a context menu entry for all calendar folders. It let's
  you start the folder setup dialog. In the dialog you can now also
  turn off CalDAV sync.

+ Added Sync button in Calendar Menu. This allows you to sync all CalDAV
  folders immediately. It also restarts periodic folder sync, if you
  re-enabled it in the meantime.

+ Workaround for google calendar. Items should no longer be duplicated
  on change.

x Fixed a bug which caused uninstall to fail in many cases.

x Fixed a bug where recurrent appointsments would not imported.

- Changed synchronisation. Server operation is now done in a background
  thread, to avoid lengthy UI pauses.

x Fixed various multi-threading bugs.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.00 Pre-Release -- 18-Jun-2013

x Synchronisation is now done by a seperate worker thread. This should
  solve many problems where adds or local changes were not properly updated
  on the server.

+ If the calendar server reports several VEVENTs for a single calendar entry,
  e.g. because of recurrence rules, only the first VEVENT is imported.

+ Settings are now read before each sync. This should eliminate restarting
  Outlook after folder settings are changed.

cFos Outlook DAV v1.00 Pre-Release

- Initial release.

  This release runs until 31.12.2013.

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