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Tip for Gamers

Since version 2.02 gamer prioritize their games for data transmisson. The settings can be done by selecting »Options » Priorities at the cFosSpeed Kontextmenu.

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Prioritizing indiviual ports

If you know the TCP/UPD source or destination port of your application, you can prioritize its traffic like this:
(edit the section [filter] at the settings.ini file)

TCP Ports

; dest port=1234
filter=-tcp-dport 1234 -c high
; source port=5678
filter=-tcp-sport 5678 -c high

UDP Ports

; dest port=1234
filter=-udp-dport 1234 -c high
; source port=5678
filter=-udp-sport 5678 -c high

Manual for filter expressions.

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