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Generating a Windows kernel memory dump

In case of a bluescreen while using our software we require a windows kernel memory dump to be able to look into the problem.

To generate the kernel memory dump please follow these steps:

To create the kernel memory dump adhere to the following settings of the function "kernel memory dump"

  • At "START/Control Panel/System" under "advanced" open the "startup and recovery - settings"
  • At "write debugging information" choose: "kernel memory dump"
  • By clicking "OK" confirm the changes and close the window "advanced"
  • By clicking "OK" confirm the changes and close the window "System" and then the window "Control Panel"
  • If you are using XP restart your computer (not required when using Vista or higher version!)

Now a kernel memory dump will be generated as soon as a bluescreen appears and unless otherwise specified saved as MEMORY.DMP.

Please archive your memory dump as a RAR or Zip file (we recommend RAR or 7-zip). Then send it to us by using our upload page or by mail.

Contact us if need be to inquire about submitting large files.