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(November 9th, 2011)

New version: cFosSpeed v7.0 with next generation RX Shaping!

 Download at:

The new RX Shaping not only avoids network congestion, but actively controls the speed of your downloads according to the cFosSpeed prioritization scheme. To achieve that, cFosSpeed now has

 New major feature: Class Delay Management
cFosSpeed's RX Shaping reduces latency and avoids network congestion by controlling the TCP window size. With today's high-speed connections or with many simultaneous connections it may not be fine-grained enough to simply adjust the window size.
cFosSpeed's new technology, named "Class Delay Management", delays outgoing TCP ACKs if fine grained RX speed adjustment is necessary. This reduces the overall ping time during downloads and prevents network congestion if there are many downloads at the same time. In addition cFosSpeed will now more actively slow down other connections if high priority streams like video or audio are detected.

 On-the-Fly Priorisierung
You can now change the priority of any of your connections just by clicking at it. If one connection consumes too much bandwidth, you can temporarily reduce its priority. Just click on the connection to open the new On-the-Fly prioritization dialog.

 Lots of minor improvements, like Bittorrent uTP detection, faster and simplified dialogs and status window and lots of bug fixes.

See also our new video which demonstrates the new cFosSpeed features:

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Sistem Operasi yang didukung: Windows 7, Vista, XP dan Server 2003/2008 (x86 dan x64)

Halaman Web (dalam Inggris dan Jerman, dengan pilihan sampai 26 bahasa lain):

Pelat boiler:
cFos Software GmbH, Bonn (Germany) mengembangkan dan menyetel driver komunikasi untuk banyak sistem operasi berbeda sejak 1993. Produknya termasuk cFosSpeed, sebuah driver Traffic Shaping terdepan untuk Internet broadband dan IPv6 dial-up driver / software router cFos IPv6 Link seperti cFos dan cFos Broadband Connect, driver berperforma tinggi untuk DSL dan ISDN dial-up.

Catatan Legal:
Lisensi kamiOur licensing conditions do explicitly permit putting the most recently released shareware versions of cFos, cFos Broadband Connect, cFos IPv6 Link and cFosSpeed on free CDs for inclusion with magazines. For more on licensing issues, please consult our LICENSE.TXT file. Both text and artwork on our web site may be used for press and review purposes.

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