cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
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What's new?                                          cFos Broadband Connect


  * New feature
  + improvement
  ! Software change requires modification of your configuration
  x Bugfix
  - Information only

Revision history: ---------------------------------------------------------

cFosBC 1.07 build 1088

- Used new compiler.

cFosBC 1.07 build 1087

- Added more log output.

cFosBC 1.07 build 1085

x Fixed memory leak and BSOD.  Thanks to hackzero.

- Executables are now flagged to support Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and
  Address space layout randomization (ASLR), two security features of Windows
  and are flagged to support 3GB of user space memory.

cFosBC 1.07 build 1084

x Fixed a bug in NDIS 6 (Vista+) packet handling.

cFosBC 1.07 build 1083

+ When started in compatibility mode, cFosSpeed will still know the real
  operating system version.

+ Added better detection of proxy settings to setup, so product activation
  should now succeed more often.

x Daemon now handles WM_ENDSESSION correctly.  Thanks to Sven Gärtner.

x Fixed process name resolution for Windows 7 x64.

cFosBC 1.07 build 1082

+ When started in compatibility mode, cFosBC will still know the real
  operating system version.

- Internal changes (new WDK).

cFosBC 1.07 build 1080

x Fixed problems with memory allocation.

cFosBC 1.06 -- 9-Apr-2009

! Dial paramers are now specified in a new and easier format:
  As before the first parameter before the first \ is ignored for
  compatibility.  All parameters after the first \ now have names and can be
  specified in arbitrary order.
  'aidx' is the adapter index as stored in the registry.
  'serv' is the service_name string.
  'h=0' disables use of host_unique tag, 1 enables it.
  'ac' is the ac_name string, which can be used to limit the PPPoE negotiation
  to a certain AC.
  'to' is the initial timeout (default 2000), 'tr' the numer of tries
  (default 3).

* cFosBC now supports VLAN tagging.  By specifying 'prio=x' (value from 0-7,
  default disabled) you can set the VLAN packet priority.  'vlan=id' sets the
  VLAN ID.  Both parameters are used in the dial string. If you specify VLAN
  parameters, cFosBC ignores all packets not for a given VLAN ID or without
  VLAN header.  For incoming calls cFosBC switches to VLAN mode if the first
  negotiation packet contains a VLAN header.

+ Added additional way of allocation to relieve non-paged pool.

x Fixed a problem under Vista where you could only establish one connection.

x Fixed potentially serious bug in interlocked handling.

x Multi-language fixes.

x Fixed connect problem.  Thanks to Ralf Gailus again.

x Fixed broken taskbar icons.  Thanks to Ralf Gailus for testing.

x Fixed an initialisation problem under Vista.  Thanks to Ralf Gailus for

cFosBC 1.04 -- 20-Oct-2008

+ Speeded memory allocation and thereby the overall transfer performance!

cFosBC 1.02 -- 29-Aug-2008

x Fixed some Windows object security problems.

- Upgraded compiler.

cFosBC 1.01 build 1040

+ cFos Broadband Connect now comes with a tray icon and context menu. In the context menu
  you have similar functionality as in the other cFos products. The tray icon
  indicates if a PPPoE connection is active.

cFosBC 1.00 -- 20-Mar-2008

- Initial release.

cFosBC 0.90

- Initial beta release.