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cFosBark is a watchdog utility that checks if specified applications are running and if not, it takes actions like restarting these programs or sending an e-mail.

The program can be started by calling


The program can then be stopped by calling

cFosBark.exe -stop_appl

Alternatively the program can be registered and started as a system service by calling

cFosBark.exe -start_service

The service will be stopped and unregistered with

cFosBark.exe -stop_service

Because of the system service modifying capabilities, the program requires administrator rights to run.


The directory, in which the executable cFosBark.exe lies, should be writable. A log file named cFosBark.log will be created in this directory.


The directory, in which the executable cFosBark.exe lies, must contain the file cFosBark.ini.

The file may contain the section


with these optional parameters





The SMTP parameters are required if an e-mail is to be sent in case a program is no longer running.

The initial delay specifies the time in seconds the program waits until it starts checking. This shall give all programs the required time to start at system boot.

The ini-file should contain at least one section named like an application that is to be watched, e.g.


These application sections may contain these optional parameters









The interval specifies the interval in seconds (default 10) in which the application is checked. If it is not running, the application specified by the call parameter is called. This may be the application itself to restart it. The call parameter can be specified more than once.

If the mail parameters are given, an e-mail will be sent, if the application is not running. In that case at least the parameters mail_from an mail_to must be given. The parameters mail_to, mail_cc and mail_attachment may be specified more than once.

If the value of the mail_body parameter begins with a '@', the following is considered to be a file name pointing to the mail body. Please be aware that the body must comply to the specifications of an e-mail body.

The value of the mail_attachment parameter is always the file name of the attachment that is to be added to the e-mail. This might be the cFosBark.log file for example.