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Call Monitor

Since the release of its 3.51 version, cFos comes with an information file that allows it to execute a number of different actions (like playing announcements or sounds, starting programs or opening files) when a specific event occurs. cFos can also replace any known phone number with the name of the respective caller so that you can immediately see who is calling you. In addition, a different ringing sound can be assigned to each number, allowing you to recognize immediately who is calling you.

The CFOS.INI file is where you can link such actions to specific numbers. In your cFos directory you will find a file called SAMPFOS.INI, which is a sample that can be used as a blueprint for your CFOS.INI file. Just rename SAMPFOS.INI or copy it to CFOS.INI and customize it to fit your personal needs and preferences.

We also offer CFNOTIFY – a small freeware program, which can be downloaded at You can use this program in addition to your CFOS.INI to show special taskbar icons when certain people are calling.

mon=,7669826,,hexec, c:\cfos\cfnotify.exe c:\cfos\sample1.ico "Mom's calling!"

This will display a red phone icon every time 7669826 is calling you.


Explanation of CFOS.INI Entries

You may specify which phone numbers / MSNs (subsequently referred to just as "numbers") should be substituted with names. Numbers are matched from right to left, so you don't need to include area codes.


If the string ends with a '*', the number is replaced by the respective name in case of a partial match.

800330*=Telekom and number = 08003301111 will return 'Telekom'

If the string is part of the calling number and ends with a '+', the substring and digits preceding the plus sign are replaced by the respective name.

800330+=Telekom- and number = 00498003301111 will return 'Telekom-1111'

You can link specific actions to one of the following events:

MON=Call Monitor activity
RING=Incoming call for cFos
CON=Connect on one of the cFos COM ports
DIS=Disconnect on one of the cFos COM ports
LOGIN=login event on one of the cFos COM ports
 (test with AT-command: AT#L)

RING=COM3, 02,7669826, 4711, play, RING.WAV

Actions have the following format:

MON=<service>, <id>, <msn>, <cmd>, <param>
RING=<port>, <service>, <id>, <msn>, <cmd>, <param>
CON=<port>, <service>, <id>, <msn>, <cmd>, <param>
DIS=<port>, <service>, <id>, <msn>, <cmd>, <param>

<port> refers to the respective cFos COM port.

<service> is the service address of the call in hex notation – e.g., voice (1, 4, or 10) or data transmission (2). If no service is specified, cFos will react to any kind of call.

<id> is the caller ID or the last digits of a partial ID.

<msn> is the called party number or the last digits of a partial number.

is the action to be taken. Actions are:

play executes a .WAV file; where <param> is the filename

open opens the file <param> using the "Open" method appropriate for its extension as defined under Windows

exec executes command <param> in a normal window

hexec executes command <param> in a hidden window


You can leave <port>, <service>, <id> and/or <msn> blank. In that case, these fields are not used to determine if the action should be triggered.

Usually, the search for an action is terminated once the first matching entry has been found. However, if you add a '+' to the end of <cmd>, cFos will execute the command and keep searching for further matches. That way, you can have several actions linked to one call. Please note as well that exec and hexec can be used to start batch files, while VB-scripts are executed with open.


mon=,cFos,,play, ring.wav
plays ring.wav for any call to MSN cFos (number replaced by name).

mon=,,, open, www_cfos.url
opens the cFos web page on any incoming call.

mon=,cFos,,play+, ring.wav
plays ring.wav and continues searching for other actions linked to calls to MSN cFos (number replaced by name).


Example for CFOS.INI



mon=,cFos,,hexec+, c:\cfos\cfnotify.exe c:\cfos\sample2.ico "cFos has called!"
mon=,cFos,,open, music.mp3
mon=,Mom,,hexec, c:\cfos\cfnotify.exe c:\cfos\sample1.ico "Mom's calling!"
mon=,company,,play, dingdong.wav
ring=4, 2, 7775666,,exec, terminal.exe