cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
New! By the makers of cFosSpeed: The cFos EVSE
  • Recalibrate your Traffic Shaping
    Lately, the German Telecom appears to be lowering upload speeds for some of its DSL connections somewhat. Thus, to make sure you can continue to enjoy optimal performance, we recommend you recalibrate your cFos Traffic Shaping:
    Right-click on the cFos taskbar icon » Traffic Shaping » Calibration).
  • Save Power with your DSL modem!
    If your modem has no integrated power switch, plug it into your computer's power strip. That way, you'll only turn it on together with your PC. This saves power and protects the environment. A DSL modem can easily consume 30 watts and more.
  • Install the latest cFos version!
    If you have Problems with old cFos versions we recommend to download the latest version and install it over your actual cFos version. All configuration settings will remain after the installation.
  • Videos streams with the Windows Media Player
    If you experience problems while viewing video streams with Windows Media Player on your broadband connection, go to "Program files" » "Windows Media Player" and start MPLAYER2.EXE or WMPLAYER.EXE. Deactivate UDP under "View" » "Options" » "Advanced" » "Windows Media" » "Change" for MPLAYER2.EXE. You can find this option for WMPLAYER.EXE by right-clicking on the Media Player window » "Options" » "Network."
  • High Speed login
    cFos code has been optimized for super-fast Internet login. For Windows you must deactivate the "Logon to the network" option of your dial-up connection in the "Properties -> Server types" setting. If your ISP doesn't support IP header compression, you should also deactivate it under "Properties -> Server types -> TCP/IP settings." cFos will take care of everything else.
    For Windows NT/2000/XP, you do not need to make these changes.

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