cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products
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場合は、右を使用して、特定のマザーボードとしての顧客としてASRock XFast LANの恩恵を受ける!これは、フル機能、無制限のトラフィックシェーピングソリューションcFosSpeedによって供給されます。私たちはあなたを可能ASRock XFast LANのバージョンを使用して速度をお楽しみください!

For the newest features there is also the most recent professional cFosSpeed version available.

To stay always up to date with the most recent features, you can download the most recent cFosSpeed version on our cFosSpeed download page.

If you install the cFosSpeed version, you have a trial period of 30 days. Then you can either buy a cFosSpeed lifetime license or uninstall cFosSpeed and install ASRock XFAST/LAN again. Owners of a cFosSpeed lifetime license always have immediate access to the newest cFosSpeed features and Beta / Pre-Release versions.

Use the opportunity and buy the cFosSpeed lifetime license now.

You are using an old version of ASRock XFast LAN! An upgrade to a new version of ASRock XFast LAN or cFosSpeed is recommended.
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How Effective is cFosSpeed Traffic Shaping?

Christoph Lüders & Christian Carazo, cFos Software GmbH - October 26, 2018
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