cFosSpeed is the official Internet Accelerator for ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI gaming products


  • PPPoEのダイヤルアップは、Windows用のドライバを開設する
  • 高速の10倍、Windowsのドライバよりも速く
  • 低CPU使用率
  • PPPoEを自動的に、すべてのPPPoEのパラメータ設定を検出する
  • 着信コール
  • 複数のセッションは、接続数の制限はありません
  • 'とフィルタリングサービスの名前'と'のACネーム'
  • は、NDIS 5.1 / NDISは6ビスタ(下/ Windowsの7)


ブロードバンド接続cFos高性能ダイヤルされ、高帯域幅を持つインターネットアクセス用のドライバを開設する。一方、ドライバはWindowsのみで4.5メガバイトまで転送することができます出荷/秒(= 36 Mbit /秒)、ブロードバンド接続cFos 50バイトの送信/秒(= 400 Mbit /秒)です






ブロードバンド接続して、cFosSpeed cFos:完璧なチーム。高性能なデータ転送を加え、トラフィックシェーピング、すなわち。最大帯域幅を最小限にpingします。

場合、私は使用する必要があり ブロードバンド接続cFos?

cFos Broadband Connect can only be used, if your computer uses a dial-up PPPoE connection to connect to the Internet. (NOT, if you use a router that realizes this connection (!!) In this case you should use cFosSpeed). As High-Performance dial-up the usage is especially reasonable with bandwidths above 4,5 Mbyte/s (= 36 Mbit/s). Compared to cFos/Professional, cFos Broadband connect has the advantage off using less CPU.

You can find a decision support page here.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • 32bit / 64bit (x64)
  • IPv4 and/or IPv6 Router or DSL cable modem (PPPoE)


Format of the phone number:

   parameters can appear in arbitrary order, e.g.,


   parameter:     default:     meaning:

   d                           any digits, ignored
   aidx=x         -1           -1 = auto-detect, 0..n = PPPoE for network adapter x
                               (adapter index as stored in the registry)
   serv=name                   service name string for outgoing calls
   h=1 or h=0      1           enables or disables use of host_unique tag (1 = enabled))
   ac=name                     string, which can be used to limit the PPPoE negotiation
                               to a certain AC. name must be a substring of the AC name
   to=x            2000        initial timeout for outgoing PPPoE: timeout in milliseconds for server answers
   tr=x            3           number of retries on timeout
   prio=x                      set the VLAN packet priority (value from 0-7)
   vlan=x                      VLAN ID


パラメータの cfosBC.ini, セクション [param]:

   func_trace     0            logging level, 0=minimum, 1=all functions, except data transmission,
                               2=also log data transmission functions
   wan_lines      2            number of channels for incoming and outgoing connections;
                               you need to restart the driver if you change this value
                               (afterwards reboot; and where necessary adjust the DUN connections)
   allow_incoming_calls 0      1=allow incoming calls, 0=ignore incoming calls
   use_delayed_send 0          11=delayed send for stack problems under NDIS 6, 0=deactivated
                                 Some network adapters cause a BSOD due to a stack overflow.
                                 Then you should look for newer drivers for this adapter. If this
                                 doesn't help, set use_delayed_send to 1.
   dump_unknown_frames 1       1=dump unknown PPPoE Frames into the trace.txt, 0=deactivated
   in_service_name (empty)     answer incoming calls only if the service name contains the substring
                               specified by in_service_name.
   padr_timeout 2000           timeout in milliseconds. Specifies how long cFos Broadband Connect should wait
                               for PADR during incoming calls.
   max_frame_size=x            maximum frame size (MTU), default 1492