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cFos DSL & ISDN Driver - Advanced Version

PCCW offers its own custom version of cFos for DSL connection. To enjoy all advanced features cFos has to offer, you can upgrade to the full cFos /Professional Version by ordering here .

Popular cFos features include:

Firewall A small firewall (packet filter) as a first defense against simple attacks from the Net. No substitute for a full-fledged firewall – but definitely a good start!
Budget Management cFos offers an easy, convenient way of managing free time and data volume online. It tracks and displays how many free hours, minutes or megabytes you have remaining. This lets you make the most of the free time / volume you get from your Internet provider. For more info click here .
High-Speed Login cFos will allow you to connect up to three times faster to the Internet. Under Windows 9x/ME, you should deactivate the "Logon to the network" option of your dial-up connection in the "Properties -> Server types" setting. If your ISP does not support IP header compression, you should also deactivate it under "Properties -> Server types -> TCP/IP settings." cFos will take care of everything else. For Windows NT/2000/XP, you do not need to make these changes.
Channel Bundling You can configure cFos for multiple COM ports. This will allow simultaneous data transfer through multiple channels by using Multilink PPP for your dial-up network connections.
Call Monitor If you use the "-L4" parameter, cFos will monitor and display all incoming calls. In addition, a LOGFILE.TXT is created and written to disk if you enter "-L1, -L2" or "-L3." (cf. cfos.htm , 2.7.8). But the Call Monitor can do so much more! For instance, you could have incoming calls trigger specific sounds and launch programs (see also cfini.htm ).
Time Synchronization By adding "-jt" as a parameter, you can have cFos keep your computer automatically synchronized with ISDN time, which ensures your PC clock always runs accurately.
Save Money! If you enter "ATS19=n," cFos will close the connection after n minutes of inactivity. Adding "S74.0=1" will disconnect you only when your current charge unit is over, which ensures your units are used with maximum efficiency and at the lowest cost to you.
Data Compression cFos data compression can be activated ( cFos to cFos ) with the "-43b" parameter and the "AT&K1" command. If your CAPI driver supports CAPI-V.42bis data compression, it can be enabled using the "AT&Q1" command.
Incoming Calls The "ATS10.9=1" command allows cFos to react to incoming calls by generating a ringing signal through the speaker ( cFos /Win). If you copy the CFRING.WAV file into the cFos directory, you can choose from a selection of WAV sounds to be played instead.
cFos/ATM Special cFos version for ATM-based broadband networks.
Modem Commands The MODEM.TXT file lists all cFos modem commands. In addition, you will find fine-tuning instructions there. For example, "ATS70=12" lets you track actual cost instead of charge units on the status window. You can also suppress broadcast of your ISDN phone number by entering "S73." All in all, cFos provides more than 50 modem commands and 100 registers for optimal configuration.
ISDN cFos /Professional will also allow you to connect to ISDN via CAPI 2.0 and higher, offering all ISDN-related functions and protocols.
Other Providers Lets you connect to other providers besides PCCW with one single driver. Plus, you can take full advantage of all the features cFos has to offer!

Download the most recent driver here.

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