cFosSpeed شتاب دهنده رسمی اینترنت برای بازی های محصولات ایسوس، گیگابایت ، ازراک و ام اس آی می باشد
جدید! توسط سازندگان cFosSpeed: cFos EVSE

با بازبینی 10 متن یا بیشتر به ما کمک کنید و یک مجوز رایگان cFosSpeed دریافت کنید.
برخی از متون با ترجمۀ ماشینی ایجاد شده‌اند. برای بهبود این متون به ما کمک کنید. برای شروع بازنگری، روی دکمه کلیک کنید.

مرجع ویژگی

  • Full CGI support with user impersonation
  • Apache compatible .htaccess files
  • HTTP authorization, Basic, Digest - seamless integration with Javascript
  • File, calendar and address book synchronisation with WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV
  • User folders
  • Apache-like user groups
  • Powerfull HTTP rewrite engine
  • HTTP redirects
  • HTTP cache support with ETags, Last-Modified
  • HTTP ranges: one range per request
  • Allows resume of paused HTTP requests

  • Per folder user impersonation; allows different users with different access rights on the same PC
  • Server side includes (SSI, shtml)
  • File / folder blocklist
  • Additional environment variables for use with Javascript / CGI
  • Comprehensive filename security, also available in Javascript
  • Apache compatible logging, so you can use 3rd party log evaluation tools
  • Concurrent processing of HTTP requests and scripts
  • User configurable error documents
  • Support for If-Match, If-None-Match, If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since headers
  • Limits for CPU prio, number of connections, message size, etc. to limit effect of DOS attacks

  • Chunked data transfer
  • Configurable restrictions for PUT, DELETE
  • Automatic (e.g. nightly) renaming of log files, for automatic post-processing without the need to stop the server.
  • Nightly running of additional scripts
  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • SSL
  • COM objects available from Javascript
  • Built-in image stretching support
  • Built-in mail address verification
  • All .htaccess directives readable from script

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