» Enable port forwarding for the Netgear R6300v2

Enable port forwarding for the Netgear R6300v2

The following guide is intended for the latest official firmware (R6300v2-V1.0.4.6_10.0.76.zip) which you can download from here .

Netgear R630v2 Step 1

Sign in your router's web portal (www.routerlogin.net, or with your username and password. Default username is admin, and default password is password

Netgear R630v2 Step 2

Click "ADVANCED" tab on the top

Netgear R630v2 Steps 3-4

Click "Advanced Setup" folder on the left panel

Click "Port Forwarding / Port Triggering" item in the folder

Netgear R630v2 Steps 5-6

From the selection box, select "HTTP"

Enter the IP address of your computer cFos Personal Net is running on in the "Server IP Address" field, then click "+ Add" button

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!

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