» Enable port forwarding for the Observa BRA14NR_H2

Enable port forwarding for the Observa BRA14NR_H2

Observa BRA14NR_H2 Step 1

Go to your browser and type in the URL address bar and press Enter. This will open a window where credentials must be entered to get access to the configuration panel, they are printed in the back of the router.

Observa BRA14NR_H2 Steps 2-3

Click on "Internet" section and on "Port Mapping" to reveal the Port Forwarding configuration page

Click on the plus (+) sign to add a new rule, this will open a window

Observa BRA14NR_H2 Steps 4-5

Enter the IP of the machine where the cFos Personal Net is running. Set the Protocol to TCP; Set the Type to Port and enter 80 on both Public and LAN ports

Click on "Save" to accept these settings

Observa BRA14NR_H2 Step 6

Click on "Apply" to save the configuration

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!

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