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Enable port forwarding for the Orange Livebox 3.0

Orange Livebox 3.0 Step 1

1 Open your Internet Browser and go to adress

Orange Livebox 3.0 Step 2

2 Enter your login data and press "Login". Default username is admin and password admin

Orange Livebox 3.0 Step 3

3 Go to "Zaawansowane" ("Advanced") and "konfiguracja sieci" ("Network configuration"). Press "NAT/PAT"

Orange Livebox 3.0 Steps 4-5

4 Select from "Aplikacja/Usluga" ("Application") HTTP Server and check if "Port zewnetrzny" ("External port") and "Port wewnetrzny" ("Internal port") is 80. Now select the PC cFos Personal Net is running on from the "Urzadzenie" ("Device") list

5 Press "Zapisz" ("Save")

Orange Livebox 3.0 Step 6

6 Check "Wlacz" ("Enable") button in your HTTP setup

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!