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cFosSpeed | Maximum bandwidth with minimal ping time by Traffic Shaping

cFosSpeed image
  • NDIS driver for Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and 2000, x86 and x64
  • Traffic Shaping for existing connections, broadband & narrowband
  • Traffic Shaping for routers and/or DSL/cable modems
  • Configurable installer with branding
  • Configurable status window with skins
  • Multi-language
  • RTP/VoIP 탐지
  • Traffic limits, speed limits
  • 프로그램 우선 순위
  • 방화벽

cFos IPv6 Link | Connectivity with the new IPv6 network

cFos IPv6 link image
  • Windows용 ipv6 다이얼 업 드라이버
  • 자동 라우팅과 주소 설정
  • 높은 속도, Windows Vista 드라이버의 10x 빠른 속도
  • PPPoE
  • PPP IPv4/IPv6
  • IPv6 Neighbor discovery (ND) + DAD
  • IPv6 Router Advertisement
  • IPv6 DHCP (DHCPv6) stateful & stateless
  • IPv4 DHCP
  • IPv4 <-> ipv6 DNS 매핑
  • IPv6 Router Solicitation with ISP
  • DHCPv6 with ISP

cFos Broadband Connect | High-speed PPPoE Dial-Up driver for Windows 7, Vista and XP

cFosBC image
  • NDIS 5.1 / NDIS 6 (Vista/7 환경에서)
  • PPPoE 자동 감지, 모든 PPPoE 파라미터 설정 가능
  • Configurable installer with branding
  • Automatic setup of DUN connections to your service
  • Multi-language
  • '서비스 명칭'과 'AC 명칭'으로 필터링Filtering with 'Service-Name' and 'AC-Name'
  • 복수 세션, 연결 갯수 제한 없음
  • 낮은 CPU 사용률
  • 수신 호출

cFos | Dial-Up driver for ISDN and DSL, incl. Traffic Shaping

  • COM port driver for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, x86 and x64, and older operating systems, as Windows 9x, ME
  • ISDN with CAPI 2.0 (CAPI2032.DLL or kernel mode CAPI)
  • Configurable installer with branding
  • Automatic setup of DUN connections to your service
  • Multi-language
  • Channel bundling
  • 방화벽
  • 다이얼러 방지기능

cFos PPPoE Detect

  • On-the-Fly PPPoE detection, no network driver installation required
  • For Window Vista, XP and 2000, x86 and x64, older operating systems on request
  • Easy to integrate into existing installers

License conditions and fees

  • Fees are based on the number of licenses ordered
  • Minimum shipment: 1,000 licenses
  • Billing either at a prearranged fixed price or based on the actual number of licenses used

License contract + Contact

Our standard OEM license contracts in German and English

Deutsch cfos-oem_de.doc

English cfos-oem_en.doc

Contact: mail link

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