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Buy the cFosSpeed and cFos Personal Net bundle for only 29.90 €!

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버전 10.50 - 새 버전

cFosSpeed는 대역폭을 향상시키고 핑 수치를 낮춰줍니다.
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How Effective is cFosSpeed Traffic Shaping?
Christoph Lüders & Christian Carazo, cFos Software GmbH - October 26, 2018
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cFosSpeed optimizes your Internet connections with Traffic Shaping and Prioritization .

For all access types: DSL, Cable, Mobile Broadband (2G/3G), Wi-Fi, etc.

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cFos Personal Net box
cFos Personal Net
cFos Software GmbH

Buy the cFosSpeed and cFos Personal Net bundle for only 29.90 €!

cFos Personal Net
Host your files and synchronize your data

버전 5.00 - 새 버전

  • Instant web hosting on your PC
  • Build your own personal cloud
  • Synchronize files, calendars and addresses of your smartphones and tablets - and with MS Outlook: OutlookDAV (beta)
  • Easy server setup within a few minutes
  • Seamless JavaScript integration
  • WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV support
  • UPnP Media Server

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cFos Personal Net - WMI Monitor

cFos WMI Monitor, a cFos Personal Net add-on package

Monitor vital WMI data on your PC or smartphone.
Free addon package for cFos Personal Net users. Learn more

cFos Outlook DAV

cFos Outlook DAV
Cloud synchronisation of your Outlook calendar, tasks and contacts (for Outlook 2013 and 2016)

cFos Outlook DAV is an Outlook Add-in to connect to calendar and contact folders on a CalDAV/CardDAV server in the cloud. For home hosted solutions you might want to try out cFos Personal Net's CalDAV/CardDAV services.

버전 1.95 - 새 버전

The current free release runs until September 30th, 2016.

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cFos IPv6 Link
XP, Vista와 Windows 7용 ipv6 Connectivity

  • Windows용 ipv6 다이얼 업 드라이버
  • 자동 라우팅과 주소 설정
  • 높은 속도, Windows Vista 드라이버의 10x 빠른 속도
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cFos Broadband Connect
인터넷 다이얼 업 (교환 회선) - 고속 연결 >= 16Mbit/s

  • Windows용 PPPoE 다이얼 업 드라이버
  • 높은 속도, Windows 드라이버의 10x 빠른 속도
  • 낮은 CPU 사용률
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cFos Notifier - keep in touch freeware

cFos Notifier

cFos Notifier periodically checks new sources and notifies you as soon as something new arrives. It then displays a notification in the Windows taskbar.
Currently cFos Notifier supports the following sources:

  • Mail
  • Twitter
  • RSS feeds

Thanks to cFos Notifier you don't need to clutter your desktop with open browser windows or email clients to keep in touch with the world. Likewise: if you need uninterrupted time, you can temporarily "pause" cFos Notifier to have the silence you need.

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hrPing - 고정밀 핑 유틸리티 freeware

You can do much more with hrPing than with Windows Ping.

hrPing window
  • Graphical display of ping results
  • Uses high resolution timers, so ping times are accurate to the usec
  • Can ping as well with UDP packets or ICMP timestamp messages
  • Times and handles ICMP error replies as well
  • Size sweep: Send increasing packet sizes
  • Is a Traceroute and a Pathping as well
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Speedtest Panel

cFos Speed Test

With our new speed checker, you can quickly test the speed of your Internet connection. You can perform upload and download speed tests, for example to verify, if your Internet speed matches the promised values.

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