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(May 5th, 2011)

New version: cFosSpeed v6.6 with improved prioritization!

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cFosSpeed - The Internet Accelerator!

cFosSpeed is a network driver which attaches itself to existing Internet connections. It optimizes data transfer by means of Traffic Shaping. Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing Internet traffic that allows maximum transfer speed while ensuring minimal ping time.

cFosSpeed supports a wide variety of connection types like DSL, cable, UMTS, ISDN, etc.

This is a maintenance release. Here are the most important changes:

 Improved prioritization
cFosSpeed enforces the prioritization rules more strictly. By prioritizing TCP SYNs the connection setup is significantly accelerated. Improvements of the transmission of data in the respective priority classes now allows to use your Internet connection up to its full capacity during simultaneous upload and download.

Also: User-defined program prioritizations have now a stronger effect. In conjunction with the reduced latency since cFosSpeed version 6.5 a fully utilized Internet connection now feels virtually like an idle connection.

 Better support for satellite connections, ie. connections with more than 1 second ping time.

 Gaming Features
Because the cFosSpeed status window is not visible in full-screen mode, the most important information can now be indicated by the LEDs of normal keyboards. In addition cFosSpeed now supports the Logitech Gamer Keyboards G19 and G15 (and thereby also G510 and Gamepad G13). For this, cFosSpeed is now shipped with a skin for the color display as well as a skin for the monochrome display, which both support all the Gamer Keyboard features - cFosSpeed users frag their enemies faster!

 Lots of other improvements and bugfixes.


支持操作系统: Windows 7, Vista, XP 及 Server 2003/2008 (x86 和 x64 版本)

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cFos Software GmbH, Bonn (Germany) 建立于 1993 年,是一家致力于为不同操作系统开发和优化通信驱动的公司。公司的产品包括 cFosSpeed——一款用于宽带互联网的高级流量塑型驱动,以及 cFos IPv6 Link——一款 IPv6 拨号驱动/软件,和 cFos、cFos Broadband Connect——高性能 DSL、ISDN 拨号驱动。

我们的许可条件允许将最新发布的共享版 cFos, cFos Broadband Connect, cFos IPv6 Link 和 cFosSpeed 放置在杂志附带的免费光盘中。关于其他的授权问题,请查看LICENSE.TXT 文件。我们网站上的文档、插图均可用于公开发表和评论。

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