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Enable port forwarding for the D-Link DVG-5102S

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 1

1 Enter the URL of your router into a Internet browser.
At the logon password screen enter the credentials (if you have not changed them from the factory settings the password is admin and is case sensitive).
Click "Log In"

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 2

2 Click the "Advanced" tab

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 3

3 It should open to the "Virtual Server" page by default. If it is not, then look at the Menu tree in the left pane at the top you should see "Virtual Server". Click it

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 4

4 In the Name field, enter the name you will remember you created the Port Forwarding Rule for. In this version/model this field is character limited to 15 and this includes any spaces you add

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 5

5 In the IP Address field, enter the static IP Address of the computer cFos Personal Net is running on

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 6

6 For the Protocol your options are TCP or UDP or you can select Both. When in doubt, select Both

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 7

7 Set both of the following triggering ports to the Value of 80

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 8

8 Ensure to leave the Inbound Filter set to Allow All
Set Schedule to your own personal preference

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 9

9 Make sure the tick is inside the box to the right of Enable

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 10

10 Click "Save"

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 11

11 You should now see your newly added Virtual Server rule

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 12

12 Click "Save Setting " so your Router table can refresh and start allowing the new rule to allow server connection

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 13

13 The following screen will appear indicating your newly applied rule was successful. You should not have to click "Continue" unless it appears to be taking longer than 2-5 seconds to refresh and re-display the Virtual Server console

D-Link DVG-5102S Step 14

14 Once the refresh has occurred, you should see this window again

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!