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Enable port forwarding for the Multilaser N 150mbps

Multilaser N 150mbps Step 1

1 This the main router screen, the default IP is Click on "Configurações Avançadas" (Advanced Configurations)

Multilaser N 150mbps Step 2

2 Click on "Servidor Virtual" (Virtual Server)

Multilaser N 150mbps Steps 3-7

3 In the first line look at "LAN IP" and fill it with the IP of the computer cFos Personal Net is running on

4 Check the box "Habilitar" (Enable)

5 In the bottom part look at "Portas de serviço bem-conhecidas" (Common service port) and click of the right box and select "HTTP (80)"

6 Click on "Adicionar a" (Add to)
The ID 1 is for the first line we're using

7 Press "OK"

Multilaser N 150mbps Step 8

8 Here's how it will look like now

Multilaser N 150mbps Step 9

9 Reboot the router:

Go to "Ferramentas do sistema" (Sytem tools)
Select "Reiniciar o roteador" (Reboot router)
Click on the"Reiniciar o roteador" (Reboot router) button

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!