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Enable port forwarding for the NetMaster CBW-383Z4

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Step 1

1 Log in to your modem/router

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Step 2

2 Click "Advanced Settings >"

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Step 3

3 Click "Advanced"

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Step 4

4 In the Advanced Menu, Click "Forwarding"

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Step 5

5 Here, Click "Create IPv4"

NetMaster CBW-383Z4 Steps 6-16

6 In Local IP field, write your computer's local IP address in the format of

7 In Local Start Port field, write 80

8 In Local End Port field, write 80

9 In External IP field, write

10 In External Start Port field, write 80

11 In External End Port field, write 80

12 In Protocol field, choose TCP

13 In Description field, write something to remind you what this setting is for

14 In Enabled field, choose On

15 "Click Apply"

16 If everything goes smoothly, you will have your port forwarding setting here now

Port forwarding is now configured for your computer!